Sports Teams I Support

You probably think of me now as a real nerd and most nerds do not get along with sport… but I do! xD

Here are the teams I support in the sporty world of earth:
Chelsea – Soccer
Miami Dolphins – Football
Georgia Bulldogs – College Football
Dallas Stars – Ice Hockey
Atlanta Braves – Baseball

Chelsea is the family team so I was bought up to support them and I’m glad I do as they are an interesting team to support.
A few years back, my dad introduced me to American Football and I really enjoyed it. I can’t remember why, but I decided to support the Miami Dolphins.
In 2008, I went to Georgia, USA to visit Alyssa’s family. I decided that I wanted to start following baseball so I started following the Atlanta Braves (but haven’t watched any Baseball until recently =P) and thought I might as well support Georgia Bulldogs as her family did.
On our way back from America, we missed our flight to the UK due to delays etc. and we had to stay in Dallas for a night then catch a flight to the UK the next day. I enjoyed Ice Hockey and I thought that seeing as I had visited Dallas, I would support the Dallas Stars in the NHL.

I shall post pictures soon of me wearing caps, jerseys etc. related to the teams I support =]


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