Order Organiser Program – Day 4

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Finally, progress has been made. The user is now able to change the status of an order to Complete and I made another box for changing the status to Incomplete (just in case something happens). I’ve been working on allowing the user to be able to delete records from the file but it is proving to be a pain. =/ still, I have all day tomorrow to work on it =]


Order Organiser Program – Day 3

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[see “Order Organiser Program – Day 2”, minus the corruption]

Order Organiser Program – Day 2

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Made no progress today but had a bit of a scare as the form on my USB stick corrupted (did some work at Alyssa’s house) but luckily I still had the code so it was just a case of altering the form I had at home. Damn thing scared me =.= lol

Order Organiser Program – Day 1

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Alyssa is going to be starting a costume company where she will take requests from customers to make a custom costume.
She has asked me to make a program where she can keep track of what orders are complete and incomplete. It’s similar to my Computing Coursework but with a few changes and added bits.
I have programmed the edit boxes to write to the file and alter the stringgrid so that the information is displayed. When she enters the information, the order number, month the order was received and the year the order was received is automatically altered so it makes it easier for the user. There is also a login screen which requires the user to enter a correct username and password. I’m currently working on allowing the user to alter the status of an order to complete (and specify what month and year it was complete).
I am also trying to work out a way for the user to be able to delete a record from the file.

Battle Order Roll Program – Day 5

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Here’s how it works:

The BIV values are entered in the edit boxes in each character’s groupbox. The user then clicks the ‘Roll Dice’ button. This will then roll a d12 for each character and then display their roll+BIV value in their group box. This will also disable the use of the Edit boxes so no accidental changes are made. Once this is done, the user will then click the ‘Order’ button which will move all of the GroupBoxes in the correct order (will explain this later when I can think of a good way to explain it). If the user wishes to roll dice again, they can just simply click the ‘Roll Dice’ button, it’ll roll new values and also move the characters back to their initial positions. Clicking the ‘Order’ button will again move them. If the user wishes to alter the BIV values, they will click the ‘Reset’ button which enables the use of them, resets their Battle Order Values to zero and moves them to their original positions.

I shall explain how the GroupBoxes are ordered later as it is very complicated.

I will find a way to allow you to download the program and source code so you can alter it to your liking =]

My future…

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I think I have decided what my future is going to be based around. After starting this programming project, and finishing the one I had to do for my Computing Coursework (program and source will be made avaliable soon), I realized that I really enjoy it and I think it’s the right thing for me.
With the added plus of getting a laptop (if I get the backlight working again), this’ll make doing projects more fun as I won’t be stuck at my PC all the time.
So, becoming an expert in Delphi programming is my goal. Cheer me on!

WoW 10th June-16th June

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I’m taking a break from WoW during this time as I have this programming project to do and I have played it pretty much non-stop for 3-4 months =P