My Dear Alyssa

My dear Alyssa,

I really don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t have said ‘hello’ to you on MSN early March 2007. You instantly filled my life with (xD) life and you have made me the happiest guy on this planet.
Knowing you had no real interest in men, I purely just wanted someone fresh to talk to. I think it helped that I was into anime because we talked a lot about that which was really nice and enjoyable. Over the first week, we started to learn about each other a lot and it was really interesting. But, me being a male, I started to like you like you. I thought that this might have been a problem but I had a go anyway. I first asked you to the end of year prom. I shocked you but you put me on hold which drowned my hope a bit but, for once, I didn’t just give up and never talk to you again =P. I then (for some unknown reason) bought you a Tsunasa Chronicle fan book. I shocked you again! =P and then you accepted my offer to go to the prom =D
This made me so freaking happy as I thought that I would never, ever be someone who would get a datevto re prom.

We decided that we should meet up properly outside of school. So I met you at the local Tesco and then walked to your house. We had lunch (well, you did as my stomach was being very nervous and scared). Before you finished kaking lunch, I gave you the book and you gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek… that was nice. We then spent time in your room watching videos and listening to your silly sound clips. We then walked across Rodborough Common to get some ice cream and then came back.
We only found that we’d been locked out as yourbparents had gone out and you didn’t have your keys.
So, you called to let them know and then joined me on the grass of your back garden. We laid close to each other and talked for a bit. But, it went a bit silent and courage suddenly flowed through me. I moved closer to you and snuggled up to you. You did the same and before I knew it, I was kissing your forehead. This was a big move for me and you =P. But, nothing negative came from you so I carried on and, soon enough, I was kissing you properly… those kisses felt so magical. This was very weird for both of us as I only kind of wanted to start a relationship and you were a lesbian xD

Your parents returned and we went back to your room and it carried on. I said very quietly to you before we left so you could show me the route to my home ‘I love you’ but you didn’t hear properly, you asked me what I said and I said ‘nothing’.

Later on, we spoke again on MSN and we decided to start a relationship and it made me so happy ^^

The next day, I really didn’t feel good. My stomach was killing me and nothing was helping. I thought to myself that it might have wanted me to see you, but I left it, thinking that maybe soon you’d come online… but to no avail. This distressed me and I left the house and came to see you. As soon as I had you in my arms again, I felt much better. All I needed was to see you =]
The next couple of days, I couldn’t see you properly as you had your drama practical exam. But, it was only on the Tuesday that the news had quickly spread. Someone asked if I was going out with you. I hesitated ‘oh shit!’ I thought =P I was really unsure as to what would happen if I said yes. But, I did and, nothing bad happened. People were just very shocked and we soon became the talk of Year 11. It gradually died down though and it became the norm.

Ever since we left Archway to go to Sixth Form (me staying at Archway and you going to Cirencester), we’re not together as much as usual and with new friends, it has become harder. But, we have stayed strong and I know that we will go on until death do us part.

If I hadn’t have met you, I would not be living a life as enjoyable as this and I thank you for it. You truly are my soul mate. I am looking forward to an exciting future with you and will always love you sweetheart. You’re the best.

Love from your loving boyfriend,


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