About Me

Hello, my name is Lewis and this page is about me.
This is me with my girlfriend, Alyssa:

My hair isn’t always straight and it’s longer now than it is in that picture. Why do I have my hair long? Well, to be honest, why do so many people have their hair short? I don’t really care about my hair length (until I start tripping over it =P) so I wish some people in the real world would just leave me alone about my hair length.

I’m 18 years old, have a loving girlfriend who I really want to marry etc. and my life is pretty simple at the moment. I am very unsure as to what I want to do as a career. I love too many things and picking one of them as a career is being a pain for me. I love video games, computers and music. There are loads of things I could do with these hobbies, but I just don’t know what…
Another problem is if I wanted to make any progress in anything, it involves money I don’t have. So, I’m in a bit of a dilemma that needs to be sorted very soon.

As you can see from the majority of my posts, I play World of Warcraft which is quite surprising for me as I usually don’t get on very well with RPGs, let alone ones that involve teamwork. But, I’ve been introduced into a lovely guild and as long as I do the things that are required of me, I won’t be bollocked for anything.

My love for music has only recently grown. I became a huge fan of Pink Floyd a couple of years back and they made me see how awesome music really is. They’re still my favourite band and I just love listening to their music. I also really like The Clash and also Prodigy.

I think that’s all really but if anything else does come to mind, I’ll add it.

Xbox Live gamertag: lewigi2012
Skype name: lewigi2012
MSN: nes.freak2012@live.co.uk
Google Talk: nes.freak2012@googlemail.com
WoW: Maloki – Runetotem (EU)
Twitter: lewigi2012


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