I had my hair cut…

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Tis down below:


I had my hair cut…

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Hooray! WordPress App update ^^

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WordPress App update has been released so it runs perfectly now on iPhone OS 3.0 ^^

WoW Situation

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Well, after I had my break from WoW, I have signed up for raids but the amount of signs has been awful. 15 people for a 25 man raid =/ so what happens is that they do a 10 man instead and put me on standby. I have myself signed up for one more raid and thats my lot for a LONG time as I need to start saving a lot of money.

Ahh well, I enjoyed the play through of getting to level 80. I just can’t really seem to be able to get back into it now which is a shame but thats just me 😛

Still, got the Xbox 360 to keep me entertained.


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July 27th, I’m moving from Stroud to Torquay. This is a big move for me as I will finally have to actually look for work so that me and Alyssa can eventually get a place of our own. I’m also hoping to get some sort of programming business set up or start working for a programming company. I hope it all goes well for me… this is scary shit.

Oh, and I’ll be losing a lot of friends which won’t be good. I probably won’t be able to make new ones in Torquay. I just get the feeling I won’t be able to…

Laptop Acquired! =D

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My mum had an Acer laptop and as per usual, sod’s law struck in. A couple of days after the warranty expired, the backlight died. We kept the laptop in its box and haven’t done anything with it for a while.
I recently dug it out and had a look. I found out what the name of a part was, asked this website who sold if they thought it was. They thought it was so I bought the item to see and the light now works great so my mum said I could have it ^^

I can now do programming on the go >D

Order Organiser Program – Day 5 and beyond

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I haven’t been posting a lot recently because with the launch of the iPhone OS 3.0, the WordPress App isn’t working too well for me and I’ve just been lazy.

Here’s what I have written on my iPod Touch for this post:
“I have finally finished the feature of allowing the user to delete a record from the file.
It basically loops through the file and copies the information from the OrderFile to the TempOrderFile. If the OrderNumber matches the one selected in the ComboBox, it ignores that information. It then erases all the information in the OrderFile and then copies the information back over.
Before this, I was trying arrays which was an absolute nightmare because it was only taking information from the last position =.=
Need to work on the graphs now and someone suggested that I should add a feature so they can see how much money they spent in the month and how much they made in the month so they can see how much they owe in tax.
For now, this is version 0.7!”

Now, a version 0.9 exists =D

I was able to make the graphs but I was not able to make them as originally planned (Month, Year with amount of orders in that time) but I have two charts which show the amount of order received in each month (no matter the year) and the amount of completed orders in each month(again, no matter the year).

After that, I made an entire page for the financial side. The user can submit information regarding how much they spent and gained in a month of a specific year. This is then shown on a grid to the left. The user can also alter the amount of a specific entry (just in case they entered it wrong), they can search the file in 3 different ways (by month, by year or by month and year) and they can also delete a record from the file. There are also two graphs on the page. One shows Money In, the other shows Money Out. This reads the file and each bars title is the [Month, Year] used and the amount is the money in/out used.

This is currently version 0.9. If I can get the order graphs sorted then it’ll be version 1.0. We shall see…